How to Add Delegates to the Master Account


Before you begin, please check for the following on your computer:

·  Are your pop-up blockers turned off? (keep in mind that pop-up blockers may exist in more than one area of your computer)

·  Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer, 5.5 or higher?  (other browsers, such as Mozilla or Netscape, are not supported by our application)

·  Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader?  At this time, we advise all users to upgrade Adobe Reader to version 8.0.   If you do not have version 8.0, some users may not be able to open the Delegate windows.  To do so, please visit Adobe at their website:


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Step 1 – Log on to the Master Account

Step 2 -  Navigate to the Administration screens

Step 3 – Navigate to the Delegate Request screen

Step 4 – Enter personal information

Step 5 – Review Form

Step 6 – Check for Accuracy

Step 7 – Closing the Review Form window

Step 8 – Submitting

Step 9 – Viewing the final Application

Step 10 - Printing the Application

Step 11 – Confirmation Screen

Step 12 – Next Steps


Step 1:  The master account holder (MAH) must logon to his account and select the ‘Administration’ link from the navigational menu:


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Step 2:  You may either click “Delegate Administration” in the navigational menu or click the Add Delegate hyper-link:



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Step 3:  Clicking either link re-directs you to the Delegate Request screen.  Delegate screens may vary slightly in appearance and requirements, depending on the account type:

Section (a):  Personal Information

The delegate’s personal information is required for this section



Section (b):  Professional Information

(1.) The delegate’s professional information is optional for the following account types:








(2.)  The delegate’s professional information is required for all Law Enforcement delegates.  A drop-down box allows for Badge or Employee ID to be selected as the ID type:


Law Enforcement:



Section (c.):  Facility Information

The delegate uses the same facility information as the MAH—it is already on the screen when the screen is opened.  Some MAHs have multiple facilities.  All facilities under the MAH’s account are checked for the delegate.  If the master account holder does not want a delegate to request reports from a particular facility, he must un-check the ‘Active’ box next to that facility. 


The checked Select box shows that the delegate works only at General Hospital , not at Health Clinic:



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Step 4:  Enter the delegate’s information where required:



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Step 5:  Click the ‘Review Form’ button. 



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Step 6:  A separate (Adobe) window should “pop-up” containing a document titled “REVIEW FORM—DO NOT SUBMIT”.  Please check the form for any necessary corrections!


To make corrections:

·  Close the Review Form window

·  Make the necessary corrections in the proper boxes

·  Click the Review Form button again and re-examine the document to ensure the changes were made

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Step 7:  If no corrections are necessary, click the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner of the Adobe window with the REVIEW FORM document:

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Step 8: Click the ‘Submit/Print Application’ button:


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Step 9:  The Adobe window reopens, with the required hard-copy application form for the delegate.  The bar code in the top-right corner of the document has the delegate’s confirmation number printed below:

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Step 10:   Print out the APPLICATION FORM FOR ACCESS TO KASPER DATA and Terms of Account Use documents from within the Adobe window: 



NOTE:  A third page of instructions accompanies the application.  They explain what to do with the printed documents.

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Step 11:  The Delegate Request screen has now changed to the confirmation screen:

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Step 12:  You may now either:  OR,

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Revised: June 24, 2008